Late Late Nite FDL: House Hunting Mice

The classic mouse duo of Hubie and Burt stumble onto The House of Tomorrow (designed by F. Lloyd Wrong) with all its modern technology. The cartoon features the music of Raymond Scott who wrote Powerhouse, used by Warner Bros composer Carl Stalling for the mechanical robot sweeper who figures prominently in this classic.

The NorCal Bear Creek Firepups are having their next meetup on Sunday, March 2 at the little cottage by the creek in the redwoods – no automated sweepers permitted. From the Facebook invite:

BYO cocktail wienies and liquids for another fantabulous afternoon chewing over politics and soaking up the atmosphere.

Bring your cameras, laptops, power strips and try to carpool – it’s the progressive thing to do.

Are there any other firepups doing meetups? Want to get one going in your neck of the lake? As always, this is Late Late Nite, where off topic is the topic so chime in.

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