The Spin I’m In: Lies Lies Lies Yeah

Abby Travis
"Shoot For The Stars"

Perfect timing with this week’s Mardi Gras festivities upon New Orleans, singer, songwriter and badass bass wizard Abby Travis just released a very cool song on iTunes called LIES, featuring The Bangles. The song was inspired by the Bad Decider in the White House, and the heartbreaking tragedy/fiasco that followed Katrina on his watch.

As well as making her own records, Travis has been playing bass with The Bangles lately and sang them the song on their tour bus. They liked it, wanted to be onboard, and voila, a killer recording was born! It’s so fun to hear those awesome Bangles vocals in the background sounding familiar, yet so beautifully weird swirling and lilting to the cabaret-waltz beat that Travis does so well. You simply must go and download LIES from iTunes because this small clip here does not do it justice.

The great thing about this iTunes exclusive track is that all artist proceeds of LIES will go to the New Orleans Musician’s Relief Fund so you’ll be helping out a fantastic cause!

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