Well, at least they’re not obsessed or anything…

I suppose it says something about how desperately people want to move on — that they will move backwards. Looking at the Washington Post Editorial Page, it is I ? the 90s all over again.

Wasn’t there a State of the Union last night?

Clintons on Parade

* Will: Staying the Coarse
* Toles: More Zipper Trouble
* Stumped: No Co-Presidents
* Dionne: Hobbled by Her Hubby
* Robinson: Worn-Out Race Card
* Cohen: The Race Turns to Race

Holy Crap! Get a life people. The worst of the lot, as usual, turns out to be little Dicky Cohen, age 13, who somehow manages use the Clintons to blame Obama for scaring "whitey". When does he start writing about emails he gets?

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