Dick Cheney Telecom Amnesty Bill Morning Wrap-Up

So, to re-cap the morning’s proceedings in the Senate:

Reid and McConnell disagree on whether an extension of the PAA or a petulant demand to give the President and Dick Cheney everything they ask for is best. (Two guesses on which side McConnell stands.)

Then there was much wailing and gnashing of GOP teeth about the un-bi-partisan nature of forcing them to debate actual issues and legal ramifications for the long-term associated with the bill. Sen. Byron Dorgan called bullshit quite nicely on a smarmy attempt by Kit Bond to weasel around the rules.

Bernie Sanders called bullshit on the Bush SOTU.

And then a lot of folks talked about the economy, finishing with Judd Gregg trying to bore everyone to death about iPods and overseas manufacturing and why people don’t need food stamps.

The GOP strategy this morning appeared to be a cross between trying to whine us to death and putting everyone in a coma. The Democrats seemed to be fed up with the lot of them and just want to get things done — and are willing to finally stand up and tell the GOP to put up or shut up, at least in floor speeches this morning. We’ll see if it holds.

Tim Tigaris has some theories on how the negotiations on this may shake out. Glenn has further thoughts on the meaning of leadership versus not so much.

Recess until 2:15 pm ET. Good God, I need more coffee…

(Above YouTube is a bit of a palate cleanser for everyone. Mozart’s String Quartet in G, K 156, W.A. Mozart, Presto.)

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