Thank You Senator Dodd!

RagingGurrl along with the fabulous NY Roots Project group came up with a fantastic idea to say thank you to Senator Chris Dodd for all of his work on FISA and the rule of law. In conjunction with Justin and the folks at Drinking Liberally, they put together this "thank you" video.

They speak for me, too. Thank you, Senator Dodd!

If you want to say thanks, please take some time today to send out FAXES to Senators asking them to vote NO on Sen. McConnell’s FISA cloture motion on Monday. Tell them to stand up for the rule of law.

And let them know that you’ll be watching how they vote, and taking it into account the next time you cast a vote of your own.

(Huge thank you to RagingGurrl and JayAckroyd for getting us this video. Awesome job. You can also put up your own video on YouTube to say thanks as a comment to the one embedded here. )

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