527735044_c147da8fb4_m.jpgThe wingnuts still really hate them some St. McCain.


McCain’s critics have every right to prefer other candidates, or to reject his increasingly powerful bid to unite the party and defeat the Democrats in November.

They are wrong, however, to lie about his policies, his principals, his record and his character. Instead of the endless concentration on distorted reasons to dislike McCain, the complainers should concentrate on the basis for admiring the candidates they do support.


There is a reason so many liberals in the media and the Democratic Party want John McCain to be the GOP presidential nominee. He gives them cover to continue smearing grassroots conservatives.

So Medved calls the Anchor Baby a liar and the AB calls Medved a liberal. If St. McCain manages to win Florida, this buttery goodness is just going to get tastier and tastier.

Pass the salt!