Chris Matthews Issues Apology On Hardball

Chris Matthews issued an apology of sorts on air today for sexist remarks made on MSNBC about Sen. Hillary Clinton.  As I said the morning that Matthews said that Sen. Clinton "did not win her seat on her own merit" that " [n]one of it has anything to do with substance.  It’s as if a pack of hyenas were crossbred with the characters in Mean Girls and then sent out to play at journalism….America is sick of bullshit this year. From politicans. And especially from pundits."

Since then, Media Matters, a coalition of feminist groups, and a number of folks across the blogs have continued to bring pressure to bear on MSNBC — because this is far from the first time this sort of sexist idiocy has come babbling forth.  I have to say, I wasn’t expecting an apology from Matthews for this on the air — and it was a nice move for him to do so, and in a way that seems sincere, even if it took a McCain analogy to get him there.   

Crooks and Liars has the video clip from the show. 

Eric Boehlert addressed the press coverage coming out of New Hampshire thusly:

In today’s campaign coverage, what journalists think about unfolding events takes precedence over what voters think. Voters have become essentially secondary, props in the background that are occasionally queried for a color quote.

Seems to me that putting the voters first and foremost would keep an awful lot of pundits out of this sort of trouble. What do you think?

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