Bomb Iran! Vote McCain!

img_0678.JPG"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." — Hunter S. Thompson

Last night my cell phone buzzed with incoming text messages. Well really, it was more like a novel — written from New Hampshire, regaling me with tales of Joe Klein’s emotional dyspepsia and Tucker Carlson’s Nantucket red trousers. "Wish you were here," said Ed Anderson, a fellow veteran of the Lamont race who gets profiled in today’s New Haven Independent.

Ed’s antics totally sucked in Christopher Hitchens Mark G. of HitchensWatch at a McCain rally:

I just took this photo in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. McCain is speaking there now and all the big shot media bozos are on the scene. I thought this sign above was a joke when I first saw it. As I congratulated the man on his wit, he informed me that he was actually serious. I nearly fell over from shock at this but rallied and nervously asked him why he would encourage such a thing. The following exchange ensued:

"Because they attacked us, man."


"On 9-11, man."

"What are you talking about? Arabs attacked us."

"Are you sure about that?"

Ed, along with CTKeith, was the artist behind the infamous Bush/Lieberman "Kiss" button, and has a knack for getting himself in the press. At Yearly Kos I, he made headlines for confronting Mark Warner on his $50,000 party tab. "We don’t want to join the consultant class," he told Warner.

And Yearly Kos II also earned him notice for handing out "Bush – Clinton – Bush – Clinton" buttons with a sad yellow smiley face at the door to the presidential debate.

Edward, you’re turning into our very own Dick Tuck.

(The title of the post was changed — the New Haven Independent link erroneously went to Hitchens Watch, not Hitchens)

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