Taking Voting to the Next Logic Step

Well Dixville Notch has voted, see you in 2012, no more voting on a President until then. The final decision on a President will be determined by the battle between David Broder’s bran muffin & metamucil.

Don’t like it?

Well, why don’t you cry about it you big baby? Living in the "World’s Greatest Democracy" means the freedom to let small groups of people decide your fate. Freedom isn’t free y’know and over the years thousands have died for you in order to save you the effort of providing feedback. Be a patriot, sit there and take it, it’s the American Way!

Make sure you videotape it when you cry, because we all know the showing of human emotion that doesn’t involve being giddy while ordering the death of tens of thousands in Operation Cluster*uck like a sociopath on a meth high makes you totally unqualified to be President.

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