You Say You Want A Resolution…

A little Beatles to ring in the New Year. Good way to start things out.

Make any resolutions this year? I’m going to get healthier — better food choices, more regular exercise, some semblance of stress management, etc.  Taking better care of me, so that I can take even better care of everyone around me.  That’s my whole resolution for the upcoming year.

Which means I’ll be looking for some great up-beat music to walk to, and some acoustic goodies for my mellow days.  Did you find any new songs or albums that rock your world this year?  Rediscover some old favorites that you can share?  I’ve been meaning to re-organize my iPod anyway, so fire away with the favorite songs — I’m all ears.

How about resoutions or goals for 2008?  What’s up with you for the new year? Do tell…

Happy new year to everyone — may this one bring you many laughs, much joy, overflowing happiness, and more love than you can imagine. And peace and much less chaos for us all. Happy, happy new year!

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