Pull Up A Chair…

The new year is fast approaching, and folks have started doing their "best of" or "worst of" or whatever the topic round-up posts.  Or started musing about what they did well or poorly or what they hope to do better next year.

Here’s what I hope:  I want to be healthier next year.  As in not so overweight, in better shape, and eating healthier meals on a very regular basis.  More veggies and fruit, for sure.  I want to kick my stress eating habit.  (It’s been a bad last few years on the stress management, I have to say.)  I want to make more one-on-one time for The Peanut.  It’s all pieces of the same whole — trying to strike a better, healthier balance — but it can be a tough one to get right. 

At least it has been for me, so my one resolution for the new year is to do better at taking care of myself and, by extension, the folks around me.

Found this picture on Flickr the other day, and I’ve bookmarked it.  It’s one of those "oooh, wouldn’t that be a great place to be" sorts of shots that immediately makes me exhale on sight.  It’s like a vacation in a single shot — more of this, please.

How about you?  Have you had success with becoming healthier or more balanced?  You making strides on this, and found something that works for you?  Not so much?  Do share.

Thought we could take some time today to talk about what goals we all have for next year.   Beyond working to get better government for all of us because, frankly, we all know that’s going to take some serious work in the coming months.  Just the sunshine factor alone will keep everyone hopping.

But also, let’s talk about what worked for us this year, and what didn’t.  Some of our favorite things about the year that was — movies, music, books…whatever strikes your fancy.   Even memorable moments in politics — good or bad.  If you usually hang out and read, but don’t comment (much), please chime in — would love to hear some opinions from some of the newer voices as well.  Need to get myself another cuppa, so pull up a chair…

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