The Spin I’m In: Sticky Fingers

"Casting Agents and Cowgirls" 

In addition to the proposed “Pro IP” Bill that I’ve been reading about which increases the penalties for copyright infringements, I also came across this piece in AlterNet titled Download a Song, Lose Your Loan. The article, which could’ve actually been titled “Someone Else Downloads a Song, You Lose Your Loan”, is about the newly passed College Opportunity and Affordability Act (COAA). The law requires that schools must (a) have “a plan for offering alternatives to illegal downloading or peer-to-peer distribution of intellectual property”, and (b) have “a plan to explore technology based deterrents to prevent such illegal activity”.

Apparently schools deemed noncompliant would lose all federal funding. Man, that’s a whopper. So now the entertainment industry wants our colleges to bear the brunt of “explore”-ing ways to stop file sharing? Brilliant solution! Why should colleges waste their financial resources on the meaningless splitting of atoms when we’ve got Brittany Spears to “protect”?

The Sky Is Falling fear 30 years ago was that VCRs would end the movie industry. It actually ended up helping the movie industry and created new robust streams of revenue. We should be moving forward instead of trying to plug up the damn with federal fingers.

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