Clinton Campaign Bids Bye-Bye To “Cocaine” Bill Shaheen

clintonlieberman160.thumbnail.jpgAccording to the Politico, Bill Shaheen is stepping down as Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign co-chair after he went all concern troll and wondered if the Republicans would ask Barack Obama about whether or not he sold drugs.

In Shaheen’s resignation letter he says his remarks were entirely his own and not anything directed by the Clinton campaign. Which would probably be more believable if Clinton camp hadn’t spent the better part of the week pushing the cocaine story. While it’s possible that Shaheen was just an operative who went too far of his own accord, it’s also true that it probably doesn’t hurt Clinton in the long run to have the suggestion planted — in 2004 the percentage of caucus goers who were over 55 was 64% in Iowa and over 50% in New Hampshire.

Likewise, I’m sure her embrace of Slummy Joe Lieberman and his dire warnings about Iran video games had nothing to do with pandering to oldsters.

It’s all just a happy coincidence.

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