Like an overindulgent parent, the Democrats are once again preparing to write a big check to stop George from whining. After ongoing assurances that there would be no funding for Iraq this year and no funding without a date to begin withdrawing troops.

As the AP reports:

What happened?

"Republicans, Republicans, Republicans," said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. "The real problem here is the president and his Republican backers" who have "staked out an increasingly hard-lined position."


The war money would not be tied to troop withdrawals, as Democrats want. But it would let Democrats wrap up their long-unfinished budget work and go on vacation before Christmas. It also would spare them from criticism during the holiday recess by President George W. Bush for leaving work without providing money for the troops.

The AP account includes an interesting tidbit:

Without the money, the Department of Defense said it would start delivering pink slips to thousands of contractors this month. (emph added)

Now there’s a scary threat! Then again, with Blackwater’s new friendly rebranding, it would be a shame to send them pink slips, eh?

Lurch nails the whole sorry tale:

Mr Hulse’s article speaks with some authority: the Dems will do their face-saving little dance of responsibility before the cameras and then cave as they wring their hands so helplessly, just as they have done oh so many times before to this coward and bully.

Of course, like the spoiled brat he is, George immediately began to whine again – threatening a veto since the funds are tied to higher domestic spending.

Somehow I’m betting George will get everything on his wishlist for Christmas.

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