Rudy Giuliani’s former NYC’s Procurement Policy Board head, Brendan Sexton, joins the list of those who are sickened by his former boss’s underhanded boinking, er, accounting practices. As now, all the major NY Papers demonstrate just how much Rudy’s former constituents are rather sick of him. Through Josh Marshall and his merry muckrackers we discover just how much:

A former Giuliani administration official says he’s "sick" over reports that his little-known agency was used to hide taxpayer money that funded police escorts during the ex-mayor’s romantic rendezvous in the Hamptons.

"The cover-up of this and the explanations for it have been so disingenuous," said Brendan Sexton, who chaired the Procurement Policy Board in 2000. The panel was charged $29,757 for travel bills racked up by then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s security detail as he hung out with then-girlfriend Judith Nathan on Long Island.

Of course he did — one does not bother with worrying about the little people when you are off to visit "The First Lady of the Hamptons!"

Judith Giuliani is creating a rose garden at the Hamptons summer home she shares with her husband, Rudy Giuliani. And while there are many people on both sides of the aisle who hope this foreshadows a bid for the White House, Judith will say only: “I just love digging in the dirt; I am obsessed with gardening.”

Little known, but not surprising fact, on Saturday mornings Rudy used to put Bernie Kerik on a leash and take him out to rut around for truffles.

Nice field you’ve got there GOP.

(Symbolic "Rudy Broom" from Shyb)

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