Things I done did learn today

Absinthe cat

What I learned courtesy of Jose Antonio Vargas of the Washington Post:

“The term ‘citizen journalist’ has an Orwellian ring to it,” says Andrew Keen, author of “The Cult of the Amateur,” who’s criticized the Web 2.0-Wikipedia world, where everyone can become their own editors.

“People are becoming Big Brother, either with a camcorder or a keyboard, and following the candidates around. It’s ridiculous. You can’t just be a great journalist, the same way you can’t be a great chef or a great soccer player.”

Journalists, he continues, “follow a set of standards, a code of ethics. Objectivity rules. That’s not the case with citizen journalists. Anything goes in that world.”

And now I apply my newfound knowledge to the world at large.

Joe Klein is not a real journalist, after not one, not two, not three, but four articles or posts about how folks are wrong to oppose the latest potential FISA monstrosity he adds at the end of the last:

I have neither the time nor legal background to figure out who’s right…

Somebody get Joe some Cheetos and add him to Memeorandum.

(photo from Idanderson)

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