Democrats Roll The Dice, Debate In Vegas

1393963228_12f909b479_m.jpgGambling911 has the story:

In the Democratic party there are three individuals that oddsmakers have their eyes on: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Al Gore. Now obviously, Al Gore has not announced his intention of running but gamblers and oddsmakers alike have allowed him to maintain single digit numbers, ahead of John Edwards.

Hillary remained the 1-3 favorite. So far, Barack Obama showed little upward movement despite favorable press related to his recent appearances and ability to capitalize on some Clinton gaffes.

Obama was still at 7-2 odds at and 8/1 odds (listed as +800) at

Giulinai is at 5-1, good news for those of us who hold out hope for a future without nuclear winter in the Middle East.

Consider this an open debate thread.

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