The Latvian band Brainstorm performs their song Tin Drums.  Somehow Tin Drum seemed oddly appropriate for today…

The Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed the mark-up of the FISA bill until next Thursday.  Which gives us a week to put more pressure on them regarding telecom immunity and basket warrants, both of which fly in the face of the constitution, the bill of rights and the rule of law.

As I mentioned in the prior thread, I would like to push a campaign forward on this for faxes and phone calls.  So I’m opening the floor for suggestions on a succinct way to do this — something pithy, catchy, and easily understood — regarding the rule of law not the rule of executive fiat.  Let’s brainstorm a bit this morning.

Our best campaigns have come from our comments section.  I know someone out there has a really good idea that all of us can push forward.  So, what are you thinking?

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