$100,000 For Donna Edwards — We Did It!

1720055577_edf79333bf.jpgWe’ve now raised over $100,000 for Donna Edwards, exceeding the goal we set last week (and that doesn’t include mail-in donations, which haven’t been tallied yet).

Of that, Blue America raised $44,000 on our “Better Democrats” page, and another $2,000 on the Blue America page itself so to everyone who contributed to that $46,000 total — we sincerely thank you.

I would also like to give special thanks to Nancy Pelosi for turning her back on Matt Stoller.  Way to go.

Really, without that brittle, frosty smile and rude dismissal of someone who really is just trying to take part in the democratic process, it just would not have been so easy.

This one’s for you, Madame Speaker!

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