worldchanging.jpgJoin us this Sunday at 5 PM Eastern/2 PM Pacific for the Firedoglake Book Salon discussion of Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century. From the stuff we use and accumulate and the shelter in which we do it, through the cities and communities in which we congregate and the businesses we run, to the politics that tie it all together on the planet that we share, Alex Steffen has pulled together a cast of writers who cover these topics and more.

Worldchanging, in the opening words of Steffen’s introduction, “offers ideas about how to change the world.” It does so in an engaging manner, offering ideas and stories of how people are approaching the serious problems confronting the planet. Because the book is a collection of essays, you can read it in small chunks or large stretches. But be warned: the stories and ideas in the essays will likely have you reaching for your mouse to find out more online. In some ways, Worldchanging reminds me of a large-scale version some of Christy’s “Pull Up a Chair” threads, where people toss out ideas and stories that they have found useful, and which others can take and use in their own corner of the world.

I suppose this isn’t surprising, given that is an online community that does interactively exactly what the book describes in print. Go ahead and order the book, or go get it from your local bookseller. But while you’re waiting to get it — or while it’s sitting on your lap — click over to to see what they’re all about.

Alex Steffen will be here on Sunday at 5PM if you’re in DC, 4 PM if you’re in Des Moines, 3PM if you’re in Montana, 2PM if you’re in Oregon, 11 AM if you’re on the beach in Maui, or 7 AM if you’re in Sydney, Australia. Wherever you are this Sunday, stop by the Lake to talk about changing the world. You won’t want to miss it.