The Spin I’m In: Super Size, Super Highway



“RV Guy”

*NSFW – DFH Language

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As some of you know, my band The Stellar Moments is into our third week of our US tour with The Donnas. The shows have been great, the audiences frothy, and the fans sweet (borderline Hinkley). The gigs are the reason for all of the traveling and gasoline burning that we do and although the nighttime is the right time, the daytime drives in the van from city to city are totally dull and unglamorous.

Super Highways will get you where you need to go, but they are one big fast food chain. “Let’s see, what’ll it be today Subway or Taco Bell?” I never eat fast food at home, but it’s pretty much all that is out here. At least Burger King has a veggie burger, though mine was swimming in mayo. Last night we passed on a Bojangles restaurant whose neon sign even looked deep-fried. I don’t feel like I’m eating that much but I do feel a fat tire developing around my waist. The beer in our dressing room isn’t helping either. Every night when we walk in to see that tub of beer awaiting us, my band heaves a collective sigh like “oh Jesus, here we go again”.

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