Begging For Scraps

Frederick of Hollywood in Iowa, where they aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet.

Yesterday, I highlighted a few of the Thompson campaign missteps, including the fact that he had been forced to ask for applause from a crowd in Iowa instead of actually earning it. As the above video shows, he’s been reduced to asking for applause before he even starts his town meeting. Digby, as usual, hits this one square on the nose:

It reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to mention to the Republicans: Thompson isn’t leading man material, never has been. He’s a character actor. He plays the avuncular southern lawyer or the … avuncular southern politician. He has played the president or head of the CIA or whatnot from time to time, but they were all small featured parts. There’s a reason for this — he’s not believable in the lead. He has the charisma of a number 2 pencil.

Frederick of Hollywood is bombing, and already reduced to begging for scraps from a snoozing audience desperately missing their channel changer. So much for the virile GOP hero galloping out from the wings to save the party brand. At least he’s not wearing a hat this time…

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