Can We Get An Answer?

This afternoon the Bill Richardson presidential campaign is launching a website and video to send a message to DC and to the other candidates. While the candidates all say they will “end the war,” the frontrunners have ducked the question of residual troops every time they are asked – and they have been asked often by Gov. Richardson in the debates and by several of us privately and in numerous posts.

Last week Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers of OpenLeft and I filmed an ad and interviews for the Richardson campaign video. The campaign will launch the TV ad tomorrow in New Hampshire. While none of us are endorsing a presidential candidate – and Firedoglake has a policy of non-endorsement – Chris, Matt and I all agreed that this question must be answered. We support Bill Richardson’s plan to leave no troops behind – and we support his effort to get the other candidates to step up and answer. You can read Chris’ great post on this effort at OpenLeft.

At the very least, our candidates owe us clear, transparent information on their Iraq plans. As voters and as party activists, we certainly have a right to know if they plan to leave tens of thousands of troops in Iraq.

You can help – at GetOurTroopsOutNow you can post your videos, photos or avatars making it clear that we want the troops out and we want answers.

It’s time for all the campaigns to tell us: How many troops would you leave behind in Iraq?

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