The Saints, singing I’m Stranded…

Say it with me now:  “awwwwwwwww.”  Via the WaPo:

Comparing the Senate to middle school — not a terribly big stretch — the two senators from Maine, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, would be those girls who endlessly compete by mimicking each other. They wouldn’t be BFFs (best friends forever), but they might hang out in the same clique, take the same classes and keep close tabs on each other.

As grown-ups, Snowe and Collins are moderate Republicans who though, as far as we know, don’t call every morning to see what the other is wearing, do usually coordinate votes on key issues. That is why Collins was steaming mad yesterday when Snowe, without warning, switched her vote to side with Democrats to restore habeas corpus rights for terrorism suspects.

Snowe had initially backed Republican leaders by voting “nay” on the procedural motion to force a final vote. But once it became clear that the GOP had more than enough votes to win, Snowe switched her vote to “yea.”

Snowe apparently did not inform her leadership of the switch, according to aides and senators familiar with the decision. Therefore, Collins never got the message, leaving her all alone.

Collins, who is facing a potentially tough reelection battle next fall against Rep. Tom Allen (D-Maine), an antiwar liberal, was visibly angry, according to eyewitnesses in the chamber’s press gallery. She paced around the floor, confronting several members of the leadership….

Good lord. A regular red badge of legislative courage with that one. The whole country is being run by a bunch of Tracy Flick wannabes

You can contribute to Collins’ opponent, Tom Allen, at our Blue America page.

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