Sunday Late Nite: Impeach at the Beach

Reason: Treason

Impeach at the Beach struck again yesterday, this time at Crissy Field in view of the Golden Gate Bridge. More than 1,200 people made a clear statement about how American feels about this President and his Maladministration.

Previous Impeach at the Beach efforts include Impeach at the Beach Number Two, at Ocean Beach, which the fiance and I participated in last January (warning: video contains graphic imagery of the American Occupation of Irak):

For those who missed it, here’s the short speech John Edwards made after Preznit Chimpy McFlightsuit’s Irak For-Evah Speech:




Finally, happy birthday.
To me!
It’s my Joker Birthday — deck of cards, plus one.

For my birthday, I would like this week to be the week of NO TIMELINE? NO FUNDING! NO EXCUSES. Thanks.

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