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“Who Invited You?”
The Donnas

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I’ve been running around like a madwoman getting ready for my upcoming US tour with The Donnas that starts next week. I first got to know them a couple of months ago. I went down to their rehearsal studio because they asked me to sing with them on a song for a show that we did together. It’s one thing to talk shop and dish the dirt with a band, but I found it particularly amusing to do so with The Donnas. It’s so funny, we related in so many ways. We were talking shit and laughing immediately (mainly about some of the ridiculous photo shoots we’ve all had to endure).

The Donnas history and friendship is amazing. Their first show was a junior high lunchtime talent show when they were thirteen in Palo Alto, CA. That’s the kind of stuff that Afterschool TV Specials are made of. You know… fantasy! They’re all friends and hang out together. Many bands may have that impression (like The Ramones) but the reality is far from it. This will be a fun tour, I can feel it.

Now here’s a little treat that I have for all of you dear readers here at FDL. If you come to one of the shows and say the password “I AM A FIREPUP” at the merch stand, you’ll get a free Donita Sparks and The Stellar Moments sticker and half price off of a T-shirt (because that’s how I roll).

You can click on any of the following links for tour dates to see if we’re playing in a city near you. Also joining us on the tour will be American Bang out of Nashville, TN. Get your tickets in advance, as these shows will likely sell out. Come on, let your hair down.

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