She Scoots, She Scores

miller.jpgLook who landed herself a heaping helping of some hot wingnut welfare lovin’.  It’s our gal, la diva Judy:  (H/T to reader Steve W.)

Judith Miller, the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times correspondent that pushed all the Bush administration spin about the (so-far non-existent) existence of WMD in Iraq, has finally come home. She’s taken a job with the friends of “greater economic choice and individual responsibility” at the Manhattan Institute….“The Manhattan Institute is doing pioneering work in policing and counter-terrorism,” Miller said in a release today. “As an adjunct fellow, I hope to continue writing about how best to enhance national security and public safety without sacrificing our freedom and civil liberties.” 

Hmmmm…the Manhattan Institute? You mean the conservative think tank founded by Reagan’s former CIA chief, William J. Casey?  Yesiree.  The one that focuses on economic issues and dismantling social programs?  Yeppers.  And serves as a launch pad for conservative commentators and other assorted wingnut delicacies?  Pretty much.

Judy has publicly boarded the neocon gravy train at last.  And it comes with lots of opportunities to chat up interview more men in uniform.  Boo yah!

As emptywheel pointed out in July, Judy was already listing herself as a “contributing editor” to the Institute’s publication — City Journal — but the press release takes that short engagement all the way to home.   Alas for poor Scooter, no mention of him in the public release.  (H/T volvo liberal)  Those Aspen root tangles weren’t so permanent after all.

Guess that means she won’t be taking Jane up on that FDL job offer

(Photo via Kevin LeMarque/Reuters.)

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