Turkee Make Them Lookie



All of this a way of getting to the point that money is one way to get respect, and proving that you can deliver it to the right kind of people has a way of encouraging people to come around to your point of view. So, yes, demonstrating that the mighty blogs can pull in $100K over a few days for a House candidate – and not just any House candidate – 14 months out from an election is one way to get a bit of respect. And a way to get people to listen to your concerns… and responding to them.

Darcy Burner on Act Blue:

Burn Bush for Burner — 1,888 donors — $68,110.57
Blue America ’08 — 186 donors — $5,112.41
Blue Majority — 155 donors — $4,476.65
Eschaton ’08 Challengers — 75 donors — $3,076.44

Total raised for Darcy across ActBlue:  $87,818.

Groups like Emily’s List come in with a check for a hundred thousand dollars and can pretty much demand to control messaging on a Congressional campaign. Much of the blogosphere’s ability to get the attention of politicians when they go off the reservation is due not only to the fact that we raised quite a bit during the last election cycle for candidates we support, but also because we made Joe Lieberman raise $17 million to keep his seat.

Yes, a hundred thousand dollars — particularly at this point in the election cycle — does get people’s attention.

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