Because Democrats Are Like Serial Killers

Since Friday, Blue America candidate Darcy Burner has raised over $57,000 toward her $100,000 goal to offset George Bush’s fundraising visit for her opponent, Dave Reichert.

Natasha over at Pacific Views catches Reichert in the YouTube above flashing his Republican charm and “civility”:

And, oh yeah, did you catch that at the end? He compares Democrats to Gary Ridgway. A serial killer who pled guilty to the murders of nearly 50 women over two decades. Wait for it, at the end, after the ‘Anything else to add?’ line flashes on the clip:

Reichert says, “And in America, how hard is it for me to put my arm around a Democrat, if I could put my arm around Gary Ridgway? Right Norm?”

Presumably Norm, off camera, “Tell it like it is!”

Yeah, that’s how ‘moderate’ Republicans feel about Democrats.

You can let Reichert and his boss, George W. Bush, know how you feel about their continued stewardship of the nation by giving to Darcy here.

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