What Do You Think?

Sen. Joe Biden’s first ad in Iowa.

I’m not really a Biden fan, but I like this ad.  Something about the starkness here, just the candidate and the camera, and an up front discussion on the realities that families are facing when they have a loved one serving in Iraq, that works for me.  Maybe it is because Biden’s son, Beau, is set to be deployed to Iraq in the next few months, but whatever it is with this — staging, reality setting in, whatever — it works as a way to get to the heart of all the public dissatisfaction and disgust, even if that isn’t what Biden ultimately intended with this.

There is a gritty quality to Biden in this ad that works.  That slick overly-whitened smile and sly grin and handshake retail politics act that he does has been sluffed off for a harsh glimpse of the consequences of the bad choices we have made the last few years.  He’d do well to keep this version front and center.

Still not a Biden fan, but this ad hits at a gut level with a reality check on just how long we could be in Iraq — the line about sending your grandchildren is an effective one.  What do you guys think?

PS — I’ll be on Thom Hartmann’s show on Air America today beginning around 2:30 pm ET-ish.  Wanted to give folks a heads up.  You can listen live here.

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