Cheaters Never Prosper…As Long As You Expose Them

Fred Thompson seen here being carted around the Iowa State Fair in a golf cart.  It looks like grandpa’s day out from his assisted living facility, doesn’t it?  But it’s not “campaigning,” nope, nuh uh… 

If you have some time this morning, call the FEC at (800) 424-9530 or in Washington (202) 694-1100. Ask them why Fred Thompson has been getting a pass to cheat on election laws. What is the cheat, you ask? This:

If Thompson waits until September 6 to formally declare his candidacy, he wouldn’t have to disclose any of the cash given to his campaign until January 31 — after many major contests are over, including the Iowa and Nevada Caucuses, and the New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan and Florida primaries.

And you thought he was just being coy. Cheaters only prosper when you let them get away with it.  More sunshine please:  law and order, my ass.

 Jane has more.  As does the WaPo.  And The Hill.

UPDATE:  Looseheadprop has an update on the election law dodge:

If he waits until Sept. 6th he will (as the nice lady at the FEC explained to Carmen) have to file the October 15th Quarterly report and will have to report all funds raised during that quarter [only].

Waiting shields the funds he raised BEFORE the quarter began. Those will not be disclosed until the end of year report which is due in January.

Just to be absolutely clear on what is and is not being shielded from reportage.  But, as Scarecrow pointed out below, what was the nice lady at the FEC doing giving Carmen an investigatory conclusion on a matter which has just been opened with a complaint filed at the FEC?  Curiouser and curiouser…

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