51rt2onpil_aa240_.jpgThis Sunday, we’ll be joined by Sanford D. Horwitt at the Firedoglake Book Salon to discuss his new biography of Russ Feingold – Feingold: A New Democratic Party. Not only does Horwitt’s book fill in a lot that I never knew about one of our favorite Senators, it provides a very interesting view of what a truly progressive Democratic party might look like.

Sanford’s previous book – Let Them Call Me Rebel – was “a comprehensive appraisal of Alinksy’s ‘colorful confrontational tactics’ as a community organizer and his influence on a “succeeding generation of social activists.” He was born in Milwaukee so he knows the geography of Feingold’s career and he’s worked as a congressional speechwriter so he understands the institutions we are looking to change.

There are good lessons in Feingold’s story to be learned – by us as grassroots activists – and by the politicians who want to represent us in the coming years. It’s a great book and should be a great conversation. We hope you can all come and join in.