Late Late Nite FDL: LOL-thouse

Oh, noes!

While I was away from the computer over the weekend, Ann Althouse completely blew a gasket in my honor and I didn’t even know about it! Life is so cruelly unfair sometimes.

I guess now we have an answer to the old hippie Zen koan, “What if they had a flame-war and nobody came?”

Awwww, poor Anodyne Outhouse. Nobody outside of her tiny circle of readers noticed her pathetic cry for attention. I feel so bad. That’s like forgetting someone’s birthday. Worse, even. If someone is going to pee all over themselves trying to get your attention, then you should at least drop them a measly link or two for their trouble, right?

Well, I hope that the video presentation above makes up for my thoughtlessness and neglect toward our favorite Internet Laughingstock, bless her heart.

Kenosha Kid says:


(She wishes, the poor dear.)

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