Am feeling a bit Orwellian today, so it’s a classic Devo “A Beautiful World.”  What suits your mood today?  Feel free to share a link in the comments…

Teresa at MakingLight — who actually works for a real publishing house in real life — deconstructs the idiocy that is wingnut welfare publishing.  And the newest scam in self-published wingnut-idiocy disguised as victimhood-for-not-so-much-profit.  Excellent work. 

TBogg captures the Bush Administration in a children’s book nutshell.  What The Peanut will not be getting for Christmas…

— Wolcott takes a ride on the War Wagon Of Electibility, and finds the service lacking.

— McJoan puts together the links on the latest Baghdad media offensive.  As Jane said yesterday, how many times will Our Elite Media be folled by the blatant flim flammery?

— Why yes, this does piss me off all over again.   Oh, and do take the time to read yesterday’s Froomkin if you haven’t already — it’s chock full of interesting nuggets.

— Oh, Rudy.  How is it possible that one man could be so full of crap?  See here (H/T to Taylor) and here (H/T to Avedon.).

— If you are a Republican in Iowa, might I suggest the lovely “None of the Above” for tomorrow’s straw poll as an expression of the craptastic nature of the other choices?

The Center for Constitutional Rights is taking on the FISA bill and illegal domestic spying without a warrant.  See here for some details, and ThinkProgress has even more.  (H/T to twolf1 for the link to TP.)

So, what is catching your eye in the news or around blogtopia (H/T to skippy) today? 

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