The Spin I’m In: Have You Ever Seen “The Rain”?

I’ve been transfixed with this “Chocolate Rain” phenomenon on YouTube ….. for hours, just trying to take it all in. I went to bed with it in my head last night and woke up with it still in there. I’m going back for more viewings when I finish this piece (but that’s just how I roll).

Ok, “Chocolate Rain” is a song/video clip by a Minneapolis grad student named Tay Zonday, who posted the clip on YouTube last April. Since then the clip has had over 4.5 million views on YouTube. In addition, Tay’s original “Chocolate Rain” has inspired literally thousands of different tributes, interpretations and parodies, that keep pouring in to YouTube every day.

Most of the tributes are mediocre, some hostile, and some flat out racist. But for every five or so there’s a good one. My friend and I laughed so hard last night watching some of these and they just get more and more bizarre. I’m serious, who needs acid?

People are saying that Tay is the William Hung of the YouTube generation, but of course he’s more creative and poetic in my opinion. If you can get beyond the peculiar-ness of this artist (which I don’t want to do), and the number of times that he says “Chocolate Rain”, some of the lyrics are really good and powerful. Tay has something cool to say, he just says it in a looowwww voice.

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