Late Nite FDL: O’Hanlon and Pollock, “Think Tank Travelers”

skeptical catFrom the Department of Curiouser and Curiouser, over at TPM Horse’s Mouth we see that one of the (literal) fellow travelers on Pollack and O’Hanlon’s Green Zone Sandals Tour™ came away with a very different impression of the war on the ground.

Everyone sees Iraq differently. As one leading US official in Iraq put it, “the current situation is like playing three dimensional chess in the dark while someone is shooting at you.” It is scarcely surprising that my perceptions of a recent trip to Iraq are different from that of two of my traveling companions and those of several other recent think tank travelers to the country.

Doesn’t the phrase “think tank travelers” say it all about the circumstances under which Pollack and O’Hanlon experienced Iraq?

Here are some visual aids, though, just in case you’re having trouble imagining it:

I like to call this photo, “Tony, I just threw up in my mouth. Can I have your helmet?”

fly with chickenhawks

The title of this one would have to be, “Are you sure this outfit doesn’t make me look like Michael Dukakis?”

joe goes to baghdad

This one’s called, “Retail Therapy with St. John McCain.”

mccain baghdad

I can’t wait to read what Michael O’Hanlon had to say in his interview with Glenn Greenwald.

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