410xvb0wprl_aa240_.jpgWhat do Tom Paine, Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton have to do with the rise of the blogs?

Who was Publius?

Where and how did professional journalism emerge and how did it go wrong?

What is this new citizen journalism, and is it really all that new? Where does it sit, given America’s historical context? Where is it going?

Are the blogs the bastard children of I. F. Stone and the World Wide Web?

Aaron Barlow, known online for his work with ePluribus Media, is the author of the newly released book, “The Rise of the Blogosphere.” I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’ll have Aaron with us this Sunday to discuss the book, and yours truly will set up the conversation with a preliminary review.

Aaron’s a great guy and one sharp cookie, and he’s done terrific work looking at the rise of the blogosphere in historical context. I had the privilege of working with Aaron on an ePM project covering the Gannon/Guckert National Press Club appearance, back before my FDL days. I can’t say I even agree now with everything I wrote back then, but working with Aaron was a real pleasure, so please be sure to join us this Sunday for our Book Salon.

See you this Sunday at 2PM PST/5PM EST, right here at Firedoglake.