Wait, Wait…

fitzgeraldpat.jpgA few items of note.

— From Al Kamen’s In The Loop (H/T to Sparkles The Iguana for the heads up on the Fitz bit.), Fitz will be appearing on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me this weekend.  Alberto Gonzales finally told Fitz he did a good job, in front of reporters, at a corporate corruption event at the DOJ…but apparently that was about convicting Conrad Black.

According to Kamin, Gonzales may be getting the Presidential cold shoulder in public — at least at some tee ball game at the WH anyway.  (And yes, shades of Pravda do leap to mind.)

Dan Froomkin has a fantastic rundown of Bush’s Osama problem.

— I am still laughing about the idiocy of this.  Oh no, they’ve deployed the cheetoes eating, socially inept, lockstep thinking, comment trolls.  Nooooooooooooooo…snerk…good lord, what’s next, cocktail party commandos?  Bar stool brigades?  Political wedding crashers?  Bwahahaha…the possibilities for mocking are endless.  It’s the gift that keeps on keeping on.

—  Dammit.  The General made me spew my tea.

David Corn — who knew there was so much snark in the man?

This explains a lot.  A LOT.

What’s catching your eye on the blogs or in the news today?

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