Don’t Listen to Matt Stoller

n722455824_131755_7360.jpgOr don’t listen to Stoller’s tshirt, anyway. The new blog Open Left, the collaborative effort of Stoller, Chris Bowers and Mike Lux is open for business today. I’m already over there leaving nasty comments about the carpets not matching the drapes and stuff so please join me.

Seriously, it’s a great site and Mike Lux has a wonderful piece up about the progressive movement and the reluctance of Democrats to fight back when hit:

The Democratic establishment has a culture of caution, a culture that has led to their defeat all too often. It is up to us in the progressive movement to save them from themselves.

 I have tremendous respect for all of these guys, the work that they do, the things they are trying to achieve and the innovative ways they are working to advance the progressive agenda.  We’re adding them to our blogroll and hope that everyone will stop by, register and make a little noise.

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