I’ll Have What He’s Having…

mocha.jpgUPDATE:  Crooks and Liars has the clip of Sen. Schumer from Face the Nation. 

From selise, who was watching Face the Nation this morning:

senator schumer on face the nation…. saying he spoke with senator leahy yesterday about the possibility of calling pat fitz to testifiy before the senate judiciary committee – on his meeting with bush and cheney (since this was not testimony before the grand jury)

Paddy at Cliff Schecter’s blog caught it, too. 

Further, John Conyers, on This Week this morning, suggested that George Bush waive executive privilege as Bill Clinton did when there were questions about the Marc Rich pardon, so that Congress can get to the bottom of whether or not obstruction of justice was intended in the Libby pardon.  ThinkProgress has the video.  (H/T to twolf1 for the link.)

Sens. Leahy and Specter were on CNN’s Late Edition this morning as well.  I just watched their discussion about the possibility of asking Pat Fitzgerald to come and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee as well.  Specter went on a long, bloviating attempt to minimize the Traitorgate investigation and ended with saying he thought it would be great if Fitzgerald explained to him what the case was all about — and Leahy pounced on that agreement to have Fitzgerald before the committee.  Having seen the opening statement that Fitzgerald gave in the Libby trial, I have to say that having him explain the case to the Senate Judiciary Committee…with television cameras rolling to capture the explanation…is the best idea I’ve heard all day.

This is a good time to remind Congressional staffers and members of the press that the potential for digging into grand jury testimony for a proper purpose also exists under Rule 6(e) — read this great piece from Looseheadprop for more on this.

Obstruction of justice should not be allowed to occur without everyone asking what they are trying to hide.  So, how many lies are under the obstruction basket, anyway?

(Photo of chocolati mocha via ChrisB in SEA.)

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