Pull Up A Chair…

cathedralfalls.jpgWe are finally getting some rain.  The ground had gotten so parched that it was beginning to crack, and our lawn crunched under the paws of our miniature dachshund every time she went out to “water” it.  My perennials had weathered the dry spell, for the most part, but I’ve worn a path around them lugging the watering can from the sink out to the yard and back again.

West Virginia in the summer is such a beautiful place — almost heaven, even despite the humidity and the evil squirrel that just launched itself onto my birdfeeder for the third time this morning.  (Little pig…he’s getting chubby.)

The rain has been soaking, drop by needed drop, back into the ground for the last couple of days, and you can almost see the flowers straining up for the next one before it hits.   We have family visiting from out West — my in-laws — and they can’t believe how green everything is here.  I look around and think to myself that this is the driest, crunchiest summer that I can recall in quite a while.

Funny how that sort of thing is relative, isn’t it?

Speaking of relatives, we spent some time out with the folks, The Peanut, and our nephew yesterday, having a late lunch and then a fun visit to the bookstore (ate at Cheddars, and then hung out with books in the Pooh Bear reading area, at the Barnes and Noble in Morgantown, for the local crowd) after a driving tour through the University to show our nephew how it looked.  I picked up some fun mysteries for my mother-in-law by an author named M.C. Beaton — having read a few of the Agatha Raisin and Haimish McBeth books in the past, I thought she’d get a kick out of the snarky humor.  They are great quick reads that make you laugh out loud, and I love them as little mental diversions for a couple of hours and a pot of tea’s worth of reading.  (You can’t always be reading Proust, now can you?)

And that got me thinking about what sorts of trashy or “beach reads” or what have you books that everyone else is probably reading and enjoying this summer — but might be too worried about folks thinking less of them for it.  Once on the blog, I mentioned that I like watching Love, Actually, as a sort of diversion movie when I’m feeling blue and need a giggle — I really do love it, actually — and someone dressed me down in the comments as having pedestrian film tastes and vowed never to read the blog again as a result.

Well, screw that, I say. 

It’s trash day, kiddos.  What movies are your secret faves — you know you’ve been dying to share your cult addiction to something.  How about books or authors?  (I know someone out there has a Danielle Steele book in their tote bag…admit it!)  Or music?  Dish, spill, do tell.  Come out of reading mode and introduce yourself in the comments this morning, and share your dirty little escapist reading, watching and listening secrets.  

Me, I’m hoping for more rain today, and a little time to curl up with a wickedly funny little light-reading mystery and a cuppa tea.  It’s been a long week, and I need a diversion — and I thought some of you might need one as well.  Pull up a chair…

(Photo of the Cathedral Falls near Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, via Fred Wolfe.  Lovely shot of a beautiful spot.)

PS — Bob Geiger has some fantastic cartoons this morning.  Don’t miss the animations.  Mweeee heeeee.

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