Baby Steps For The Libby Impaired

libbyshadows.jpgThe Dallas Morning News has a bit of a tutorial, in the form of an editorial, regarding why pardoning Scooter Libby would be wrong.  I thought it made a nice, succinct walk-through of the issues for the Libby-impaired.  To wit:

…Judge Walton ruled late last week that Mr. Libby must report to prison while appealing his conviction. This is just. As the judge wrote, “I just think blue-collar criminals are entitled to the same kind of justice as white-collar criminals.”

Precisely. Mr. Libby may well be a fine fellow, but even fine fellows can break the law. When President Bill Clinton lied under oath, conservatives were quick to point out that the integrity of our entire system of justice depends on witnesses telling the truth. Though many on the right believe the Plame inquiry was groundless, one doesn’t have the right to perjure oneself with impunity because one believes the investigation to be illegitimate. (emphasis mine)

Equal treatment under the law — good stuff. No right to perjure yourself just because you feel like it?  Check.  Fairly simple, straightforward, easily comprehensible, common sense stuff, right?

So, why is it that time and time again, Tim Russert ignores this issue altogether and instead talks about political cover for potential pardon maneuvers for the Bush Administration? 

And, while we’re asking simple questions with obvious answers, why is it that Kate O’Beirne was given the lion’s share of the speaking opportunity on yesterday’s Meet the Press regarding the Novak op-ed and never once asked about her close personal ties to Novak as his opus dei conversion godmother, among other very close personal friendship ties?  Hmmmm?  Is it me, or aren’t these sorts of close, personal relationships relevent in terms of assessing potential personal bias in “reporting” when one is asked to give an “opinion” as to the veracity and theoretical musings of another “reporter”?

And they wonder why we question the journalistic integrity and commitment to the truth of the cocktail weenie set…

(Photo by Ron Edmonds/AP via Newsweek/MSNBC.)

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