Bass Ackwards

whackamole.jpgI thought the “Bush surge” in Iraq was supposed to reduce violence:

NYTimes, Violence Rising In Iraq

WaPo, Violence Not Quelled By Build-Up

Juan Cole, Samarra Fall-Out, Surge Not Working

McClatchey via ChiTrib, US: Iraq Violence Undiminished

And it goes on and on and on. Exactly how long are our nation’s soldiers expected to play this deluded game of whack-a-mole, risking life and limb for George Bush’s ego? Because even allowing for an increase in violence due to the weather heating up and the usual summer uprisings and such, the whole “surge of troops to quell the violence” concept is working bass ackwards.

And it is the troops on the ground, not the strutting folks in Washington, who are paying the ultimate price for this. As well as the Iraqi people, most of whom are trapped in increasingly violent sectarian pockets, or running to other nations as refugees from George Bush’s war. What a mess.

(Photo via McBeth.)

Scheduling Update on Libby Sentencing: Judge Walton has some other odds and ends to deal with this morning. The hearing will begin at 11:30 AM EST. Each side will have 30 minutes. The judge will then break for lunch and come back with his ruling at 1:30. Fitz reportedly does not plan to do a presser afterward and no word on the intentions of the defense, though they bolted afterward last week. That’s the plan as it stands at 10:00 AM, anyway. — Pach

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