Dreams Across America Train Departs Today

I was watching Lou Dobbs tonight and boy does he have his panties in a twist over the Courage Campaign’s Dreams Across America train which leaves today to document the experience of immigrants across the country.  Read Rick Jacob’s post over at the HuffPo where he talks about “getting personal before getting political” — as Laura Flanders made uncomfortably clear to Dobbs recently, the human factor in all of this is all too easily ignored.  Rick says that this promises to be “a first ever conjoining of traditional immigrant’s rights groups with online storytelling and organizing.”   David Neiwert is riding on the train and will be writing on his experiences for FDL, and Dobbs is already doing a leprosy redux and getting his facts wrong.

We look forward to being a part of it.  And as for pissing off Loud Dobbs — well, that’s always fun.

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