Not That Innocent

Well, well, well. Looks like Miss Goodling-Two-Shoes isn’t such an innocent after all (via ThinkProgress and The Muck):

New Justice Department communications released tonight include an email from Monica Goodling, former counsel to Alberto Gonzales, directing another official to draw up a directive giving her unprecedented authority to hire and fire political staffers. Goodling tells the official, assistant attorney general Paul Corts, to “send [it] directly up to me, outside the system.”

Well, that raises all sorts of interesting questions, doesn’t it? Such as, who decided to send out this particularly large, rumbling bus for Monica? Is this payback for her insinuation that AG Gonzales may have committed perjury during his prior testimony to Congress? Is this someone inside the DOJ who has had enough of the whole crew — including their deliberate efforts to end-run the Presidential Records Act requirements?

Just how long does the RNC think that they can withhold evidence from the Congress on these backdoor channel e-mails now? With whom was Ms. Goodling corresponding, not just on this e-mail, but every other outside-the-system illicit tete-a-tete? Because it seems to me that this is prima facie evidence that there was a deliberate backchannel communication set up to evade oversight, regardless of the law, how about you guys? And the big question for Ms. Monica — if she deliberately downplayed her involvement in all of this, and this can be shown via multiple outside-the-system e-mails, how long before her immunity deal disappears in a puff of smoke?

Well, back to you Mssrs. Conyers, Leahy and Waxman. This is going to be quite the interesting little dance the next few days.

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