What's missing?

It took me a second to realize what was so weird about this picture of Paris Hilton leaving court today.

And then it hit me.

She was then ordered to report to a women's jail in suburban Lynwood by the set date or face 90 days behind bars. The judge's ruling excluded her from paying to serve time in a jail of her choice, as some are allowed.

That irritating little self-satisfied smirk of hers is gone.  Wiped clean away with one bang of the gavel.  I was starting to think she'd had it tattooed on by some Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

In the words that an agent of the Georgia Department of Corrections said to a former friend of mine when he'd had enough of listening to her wail and cry on the phone to her lawyer upon her arrest for drunk driving, "Your time is up, Little White Princess."


It's like I said in the previous thread:

You know both her folks are screaming into their Blackberries right now at lawyers who are patiently explaining over and over that the judge was perfectly within his rights and they can’t appeal post sentencing and blah blah blah and Kathy and Rick aren’t hearing a word of it.

“God DAMN it, Stan, can’t she just pay a fine or something? She’s my little girl! It was a minor fucking offense!”

Bourgeois pigs. It’s good for them to run up hard on something they can’t bully and sleaze their way out of.

Now.  Let's look at another famous Monster of Entitlement:

 you're next

(You-know-who and the last supporter of the Iraq War.) 

I can only hope that the next few months are going to bring similar smirk-wiping moments for a certain overgrown toddler we all know.  I like to think that Paris Hilton's accountability moment is part of a larger societal trend, an end to impunity for the arrogant and high-handed.  It's like Jane says, "Accountability is the new black.  And every day is Fitzmas."

Mmmm.  Accountability.  No more, "I take full responsibility" and then walking away from the microphone and not looking back.  No more loopholes and evasions for Condi or Karl or Gone-zales, Grover or Kristol or Krauthammer.  Nope.

Hang on to your Good'n'Plenty's gang.  It's Karmageddon!