Cozy Arrangement


(Statue of Janus photographed by Marvin (PA).)

In Chris Cillizza’s The Fix blog, I find this little tidbit about highly ethical Republican gal-about-town, Barbara Comstock and her partner in GOPR, Mark Corallo:

Contrary to a report on a New Hampshire-based political blog, a top aide to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is not jumping ship in favor of Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee senator thought to be considering his own White House run.

Barbara Comstock, a member of Romney’s Inner Circle, shepherded the governor around Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and is intimately involved in Romney’s preparation for next week’s Republican debate in California, according to informed sources in Romney’s world. Comstock will also be on the ground in California for last-minute debate prep as well as post-debate spin/analysis.

Speculation of a Comstock departure likely grew from the close relationship she enjoys with Thompson’s wife, Jeri. Comstock is also partner in a crisis-consulting firm with Mark Corallo, who is advising Thompson as he considers entering the race.

Cozy.  Although that first sentence reads so much more interestingly when you end it with the word “yet,” doesn’t it?

When you add in the fact that Corallo may or may not still be functioning as Rove’s spokesperson these days, and the incestuous nature of inside GOP baseball where the faithful are all switch-hitters…let’s just say if I were Mitt Romney, I wouldn’t let Comstock near my hair gel.  And I wouldn’t let Corallo near my pancake make-up if I were Thompson.  Hell, I wouldn’t let my latest wife near either of them if I were Thompson, because I hear through the Beltway grapevine that she’s gung-ho about Thompson running for President and talking up a storm — and I do mean storm, with all the attendant flashes of lightning and loud booms of thunder — about Thompson to anyone who wants to listen.  

As readers of this blog will no doubt recall, Thompson and Comstock were pals and courtroom seat buddies at the Libby trial, and worked together to raise money for convicted felon Scooter Libby.  Again with the cozy, eh, Mitt?

I wouldn’t let either Comstock or Corallo near anything that isn’t already nailed down, fellas, because you never know when something might be useful down the road.  And I don’t mean useful to you, personally, either.  There are a lot of other GOP wanna-be contenders out there, with campaign cash chum just swirling in the bait waters.  You never for sure know who will or will not be on your staff next month, now do you?

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