Interesting Litmus Test


Scribe and I appear to have caught the same vibe in a cursory peek at the newest docudump from the DoJ to the House Judiciary Committee.  At the end of the third set of PDF's on the committee website, you find a chart whereby various USAttys (including Patrick Fitzgerald) are scored on a broad set of criteria including, but no limited to, the following categories:

— Political experience:
— Main Justice
— Hill
— State/local
— Campaign/Party
— Judge
— FedSoc

Normally, I'd just look at something like this, along with the relevant legal experience/law enforcement experience categories and think these were just areas that were being used for evaluation purposes. But looking at them through the Monica Goodling "loyalty oath" lens, they read a little differently.

What are you finding among the publicly posted documents? Do share. I have a feeling it is going to be quite the afternoon of reading, because more documents were added to the public page as I was typing this up.  Better put on a second pot of coffee…

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