Secret Agent (Wo)Man

(Warning:  The above YouTube may cause serious laughter.  Please remove all liquid from the vicinity prior to viewing.)

Did you hear the one about Bob Novak, Victoria Toensing, and a desperate attempt at reputation rehab?

Mark Mansfield, Hayden's public affairs officer, e-mailed me next: "At CIA, you are either a covert or an overt employee. Ms. Wilson was a covert employee."  (emphasis mine, but directly quoted from Novak's column today)

Well, so much for the attempt at muddying the waters, Bob. You'll pardon me if I find your word, the word of Rep. Pete "never met a bad news report I couldn't suppress" Hoekstra's word, or the word of Victoria "Goldwater Girl" Toensing less than credible. There's always back-up singing for David Hasselhoff, though. Could be a step up from the political hackery gutter for you… 

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