The Very Model…

Okay, sure, it's Isikoff.  So there is certainly an element of "let's plant this story to substantially lower expectations for the testimony" at play here.  After all, the name Ed Gillespie does appear in the story, which just screams "Hello.  Karl Rove would like you to know this for his own, personal political purposes.", doesn't it?

But, in my mind, that makes this little nugget all the more interesting:

At a recent "prep" for a prospective Sunday talk-show interview, Gonzales's performance was so poor that top aides scrapped any live appearances.

Which Sunday talk show interview would that be, exactly? Hmmmm…let's go back to our Talking Head thread and see which Sunday show was missing a marquee booking. Why, that would be Meet the Press, wouldn't it? Anyone get Russert on the record to confirm or deny that such a booking was, indeed, precipitously cancelled so that a panel of peers had to be stretched into an entire show?  Because, that would be news…except for the fact that Russert considers everything off the record unless and until the official gives him permission otherwise.

Why yes, I believe that was the sound of Edward R. Murrow's ghost howling in disgust.  Why do you ask?  April 17th cannot come soon enough for me.

PS — Leave your get well thoughts for Steve Gilliard here before 4 pm ET.  Jen is going to visit him this afternoon.  Love ya, Steve!

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